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Summer Please Come Back
Posted 14 Jun 2012 || 0 comment/s
I know I didn't really put that much value on you, but I really want you back. It's just been a week and yet, I could already feel the toxic wrath of school draining every bit of my youthful energy. I don't know why. My teachers are nice, none of them have given me headaches so far. The are nearly no assignments. Just thousands of pesos to be spent on books. I don't regret buying though. If I could invest much on clothes, why couldn't I invest on books? Right? angel I would like to blame my lousy schedule for these tiresome days.

I know I picked it, I had full control of it but I hate how I put it all together. I didn't think about it when I enrolled and I regret it now. I was blinded with all the hours and hours of breaks. annoyed I thought it was going to be fun to have more time to bond with friends, but really we're left with nothing to do. We can't go to the mall everyday, we would waste too much money. Oh and have you seen that I start my day everyday at seven-freaking-thirty? grr I hate myself.

I have no problem waking up early, or completing my daily routine on time. I'm usually very fast when I have to be. My problem is that at times when we don't get to wear the school uniform (in our school's case, every Wednesday), I have a hard time finding something to wear. I'm not the person who prepares the day's outfit the night before, nor do I think about what I'll be wearing before I go to sleep. I just wear what I want to wear for that day and make it work for myself. I'll usually have a certain piece in mind and then build of the day's attire from there. That's the hardest part. Scratch that. Finding the pieces I have in mind in my large disorganized closet, now, that's the hardest part.

I have also tried Adobe Photoshop CS6, thanks to the wonderful Isis of who was nice enough to give me a copy. grins : I am in love with it. It's interface is very sleek and sophisticated. I also love the fact that it is extremely fast and of course, it's new features. luv This is the best Photoshop for me so far. inlove Have you tried it yet?

A Very Sportstastic Day
Posted 10 Jun 2012 || 0 comment/s

The Miami Heat rise above the Boston Celtics in the soon to be classic basketball thriller that was Game 7.

I'm a fan of the Miami Heat and I'm happy that they got away with the Conference Title after a 2-3 deficient against their five-leafed opponent. I have to say that although I never lost my faith in Miami's big three, the Celtics really made me start worrying. That usually happens normally though after three devastating consecutive losses. Good thing LeBron James went LeMagnificent on their green asses. The Celtics gave an amazing performance though, but a desperate/furious LeBron James and a now healthy Chris Bosh proved to be too much for their own big three, even with a Dwayne Wade who couldn't get his groove on. I'm such a D.Wade girl you know. But yeah, he wasn't in his Flash persona these past few games. I do hope he performs better in the Finals. A well performing big three means better chances for the Heat against the OKC Thunder. I'll be so looking forward to the team's second trip to the NBA Finals in two years. We finally got the Finals we wanted. This will surely be one of the best Finals ever. I wish both teams luck, but I hope it goes well, in favor of the Heat. angel

After the basketball game was finished, we went to a hotel to watch Pacquiao vs Bradley on payperview. I knew I had to finish the basketball game first before going to the hotel because Pacquiao said that he won't be leaving his locker room without finishing game 7. I heard he loves the Celtics. Since I live in General Santos City, the city Manny Pacquiao originally is from, his fights are kind of a big thing here. I'm not sure about the rest of the Philippines if the craze is as big as this. It's really fun. Whenever Manny's fights are coming up, you'll see advertisements of live previews in mall cinemas, hotel function rooms, local restaurants and you'll have to buy tickets. Some of these promos include free snacks, lunch and unlimited drinks/beer. We do have a free preview at the city gym but I guess people want perks with their Pacman experience.

So the match started. I was secretly rooting for Bradley. gross I don't think I'm any less of a Filipino. smile I love Manny and stuff and I'm proud of him for representing the country well but I just was curious about how the Philippines would react if he lost. And behold, Manny lost. Luck was on my side today. If I had placed my bets I would have easy cash right now. rant Filipinos reacted just as I expected, bitterly. I kept hearing about how Bradley allegedly paid off the judges, "Lutong Macau" comments, just a promotion for the rematch and other comments I've heard before. This reminded me of the American Idol situation when Jessica lost against Phillip Phillips. Can't we accept defeat and therefore just move on to these conspiracy theories of how we've been cheated? I believe that's a normal Filipino's coping mechanism. Anyway, I thought the result was right considering the fact that Pacquiao's usual strong presence couldn't really be felt all throughout the game. I don't know much about boxing though so I'm not the best person to comment on this and I probably don't know what I'm talking about. kawaii Good job still though Mr. Pacquiao. We'll be looking forward to your next game. cool

Sweet Little Snow White No More
Posted 06 Jun 2012 || 0 comment/s

Hello! Time for a movie review. I was able to watch Snow White and the Huntsman the other day with my highschool friends. You know, just to end the summer being able to say that we actually did something together. gross They are still the same people I've known over the years, although a lot things changed, and I still love them and enjoy their company. luv Anyway, this post is not about them. Lol. I was on the brink of getting carried away. sweatdrop

Okay so, the movie is not your typical Snow White adaptation. It is far cry from the Snow White we've all known, grew up with and loved. She wasn't the sweet little princess anymore. She was a strong willed girl ready to fight back and become the badass woman that she can be. I liked their take on the popular fairytale. I think that it is very appropriate for this generation in which women are already becoming strong and independent. No more of those Maria Claras who bowed on men's wishes and didn't know how to fight back. I like how this movie portrays women. I don't know if they were going for that or not, but to me, it just made sense. Perhaps the writers were against how fairytales represent the female species. I don't blame them.

On to the actual movie. I didn't care much about it really. The script was well, for a lack of a better word, boring. I wasn't enthralled at all. It was predictable and didn't offer me all the movie goodies that I was looking for(brilliant twists, witty one liners, smart dialogues, etc). The direction was quite good though and I loved the visual effects. It was a good treat to the eyes. The movie didn't get drowned by the stunning effects so I have to hand them points for that.

The cast was good, well, they did well but all of them fail in comparison to Charlize Theron's performance as the Evil Queen. She was flawless. I also enjoyed watching her transformations and the outrageous outfits. Kudos to the costume directors. Chris Hemsworth, the Huntsman, was hot. Haha. luv To be fair though, I should actually give a comment about his acting. lol You can totally see how much effort and commitment he has put on this performance, I greatly appreciated that. Kristen Stewart, who played Snow White, proved she had more than one expression. Hey, two is more than one. think Kidding. She actually was good as well.

I'd end up this review by saying that I loved the movie's idea. It is brilliant. It was full of refreshing and fresh ideas that could have actually done well together. However, I think that the execution was bad and didn't use those brilliant ideas to their full potential. I felt that they bit off a little bit more than they can chew.

Have you watched this? What are your thoughts? angel

I've Got Pictures!
Posted 04 Jun 2012 || 0 comment/s
I've been up to a lot of stuff lately. angel There's this Richard Poon concert I went to. I got the chance to meet him and have a picture with him. There's also the ORSEM, Orientation Seminar, that I was a part of. I can't post about those yet though, I don't have the pictures. That's what you get when you don't have a camera handy. rant I also have a lot of products and a movie that I want to review. I will blog about those soon, I swear. sweatdrop

So, I'll just share pictures of me and my cousin when we had nothing to do one day. Yeah, we have photo shoots and play dress up whenever we're bored. smile That's how we roll. cool

We're actually very close. I consider her as my closest cousin and one of my bestfriends as well. luv Partly because we grew up together and the age gap between us is just over a year.

Would you believe that our outfits are composed merely of ukay-ukay items? Except for the shoes of course. It's hard to find good shoes there. Plus, I have giant feet, so yeah. gross When I saw that dress I was wearing, my eyes gleamed. Haha. I didn't think whether I was going to purchase it or not. The answer was pretty much obvious. It's so pretty. I love it's snakeskin-like detail, which you probably couldn't really see. sweatdrop It's just a little bit too short for me to wear out though and I'm finding circumstances in which I could use this. It came handy for this boring turned photo shoot day. Hahaha. On a typical day, I'm just a jeans/leggings girl. Unless I'm bitten with the lazy bug and decide that pulling jeans up to my waist is too much of a chore.

Of course, I won't be happy without camwhoring by myself. blush


A Model Student
Posted 01 Jun 2012 || 0 comment/s
Last Monday night, I was surprised by a text from an unknown number. I carefully read through the text and I soon realized that it was from our college dean. She said that we were going to have a sort-of-photoshoot for the school brochure and she picked me to represent the college. My heart skipped a beat and I actually didn't know how to react. I knew I couldn't say no though. Maybe she'd hold that against me and since she's going to be our future teacher to many of our major subjects, saying no would not probably be a good idea. think

I showed up early in the morning, following the time she set. I went there, not really knowing what to expect. The text I received didn't have much details and I was too scared to ask any further. What can I say, she's a very intimidating person. lol Seriously, I'm terrified of her. Hahaha. sweatdrop I was given a hard hat and set of plans. I was then asked to proceed to the Office of Student Affairs.With the lack of information, my mind started to be creative again and I thought about a hundred different scenarios. When I reached the office, I saw that there were ten of us. I grew a bit relaxed. Gone were my thoughts of a solo picture. We were more likely doing group shots. cool I also saw another girl from our college who was taking up Architecture. I knew a lot of people there too. They were the very well-known students of our school. Most of them are beauty kings and queens who are also models. It was actually quite flattering to be considered as one of them. Considering that I haven't joined any pageants nor am I modelesque.

There were shots taken of us together, the representatives of the five colleges namely: The College of Health Science, The College of Education, The College of Engineering and Technology, The College of Arts and Sciences and The Business College. There were also shots taken of us apart, separated per college. I didn't get to see the set-up of the others but yeah, I felt stupid posing for our photo. We were pretending to look at a building and discussing the plans. gross For the group shot, we posed at our gate. It was totally embarrassing. It was enrollment period and a lot of students were passing by. I just hope they don't create a huge tarpaulin out of those photos. yuck I do promise to post the pictures when it comes out though. angel

Anyway, I'm officially enrolled. I'm a third year student now. lol Who would have thought I'd survive? I'm excited. There are more majors this semester. More opportunities to explore my engineering course. However, I'm not looking forward to our surveying class. We'd be exposed to the sun for a span of 3-5 hours. The sun doesn't really like me and my skin doesn't like it either. Lol. I get this somewhat allergic reaction and I get bumps all of my arms. I don't really know why that is. gross I know I'll be preparing tons and tons of jackets. luv

I Got Bored One Day
Posted 27 May 2012 || 0 comment/s
And well, a new theme! Hahaha. I was getting tired of my old layout. I love how clean this looks, which is what I was going for. It's light in the eyes and it's so me. angel

I should probably tell you about my trip to Davao now. We went there to bring my father to the airport. His 2 month vacation is now over and he'd go back to Germany and work as a seaman again. sad We really bonded a lot during his vacation and I'm surely going to miss him though I've already adapted to the life of having a seaman father. sad

We checked in at Microtel. We love it there. It's close to plenty of stores, not to mention a McDo, Pancake House and YellowCab. No need to go far to find a place to eat. Also, there's a NCCC Express just across the street so you can go buy essentials when needed. For lunch we ate at a restaurant called Hola Espana. My father loves their food because he thinks that it's the only restaurant in the Philippines he has experienced that serves real Spanish food, or at least food most close to the real thing. I ordered Alla Marinara Rossa, a sort of spaghetti-like pasta but with seafood and white wine. Yum. luv I'd also love to say that this restaurant has the best public rest room I've ever seen. So, I must take a picture of course. lol

Afterwards, we got to shop and buy stocks for our online store, Fab City. It just got started a few days ago. My sister and I had this idea to sell accessories and probably we'll sell clothes in the future as well. It was really tiring to choose what we would sell. I would admit that all of the things we took, I'd definitely wear for my self. Please check our shop out. angel

Moving on, for dinner, my cousins who are residing in Davao joined us. We ordered a pizza that was quite big. It was delicious as well. I was already extremely full after eating merely two slices! What is happened? lol I love pizza and I could actually eat a whole pizza by myself. My relatives, myself included, were astonished. gross After eating, I went back to our room and watched Walang Hanggan for the first time. It was surprisingly entertaining. (Coco Martin is ........ blush)

The next day was the day of my father's flight. When we brought him to the airport, I was holding back my tears. But once he entered the departure gates, the tears just kept on flowing. sadsadsad

TAKE CARE PAPA! I love you so much! luv luv luv

Where Have I Been?
Posted 24 May 2012 || 0 comment/s
A week without blogging, that's the longest break I've had so far. I said I'm done with school right? Well, it turns out I'm still busy and I haven't touched my laptop for days. This goes to show that, yes people, I HAVE A LIFE and yes, this would be a long post. grin

The debut of my friend turned out to be not a Peter Pan themed party. I got the information wrong. The theme is actually Alice in Wonderland. I got disappointed since I was already preparing to go as Tinkerbell. Bummer. gross The night before the party they informed us that they actually set characters for us. I was given the role of the White Queen. I, having known that I didn't own any white party dresses, stressed over what I was going to wear. Really really really stressed. It was late at night, the party was tomorrow and it was going to be a Sunday. I got annoyed with the organizer. She kept on saying "You need to wear white. If you don't find any long gowns that are white, you can find a dress shop and buy." grr There was zero percent chance that I was going to. Without any choice, I ended up raiding my mom's closet and found a dress that she used to wear during weddings and christenings. Halfway through the party I changed my dress. I wasn't really comfortable with what I wore.

The Red and the White Queen, supposedly. (Well, we tried.)

The debut party was just the typical debut party. I was a part of the 18 candles but I didn't get to speak because apparently only 6 of those 18 were allowed to extend their wishes. They were probably saving time but I kind of thought it was somewhat rude and I felt as if I didn't really have a purpose there. annoyed I got over that because we weren't really that close anyway. I was happy at the end of it though, I got to see some of my high school friends and had a blast with them. I love how we still remain to be tight after graduating 2 years ago. hearts

During the 18 candles part

A photo with my highschool friends

The day after the debut, I woke up early for the community extension I told you about. The school we went to was quite far from the city and very very dusty. It was as if there was a powder factory there. Haha. grin I'm not usually very sensitive with dust but I had a severe cough then, so I need all the protection I could get. We painted a classroom there. cool I had fun. I used the paint roller but I had to stop because I worked messily and I had paint all over my arms, clothes and stuff. sweatdrop To be able to say that I've helped, I helped clean the room after all the painting have been done. gross

The school we went to



That's all for now, I'll be having more stories next time. I was in Davao the last couple of days. That would be narrated next time. Goodnight. angel angel

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